Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! And a kitty!

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! (If that is what you celebrate of course!)

 This has been a fantastic holiday for me. Santa was very kind in bringing me some very lovely things. I got a new digital camera, it is the Kodak Easy Share z5010 with a 21x zoom wide angle lens and films in HD and everything. I am so in love.
  So the pictures in the blog post will have been taken with that camera to show you just how awesome it is! I do have to get a bigger SD card in order to film longer times with it. That's if I decide to start making videos!

So for my Christmas manicure I just did red and green skittles using China Glaze Velvet Bow and China Glaze Jolly Holly. Two coats on each finger and because I cannot stay away from glitter (off topic for a second here, I think for at least the month of January I am going to try not to use glitter since I used it so much this month) I did a swipe of Lorelei's Tiara from The Eye candy collection and Big Money from the Gem Crush Collection. Of course I topped it off with Insta Dry Top Coat from Sally Hansen.

This was taken under indoor lighting with out a flash.
Its pretty good I think. With a flash the pictures are amazing!

So nothing special for this mani at all. It was nice to have some Christmas colors with a bit of pizazz. Okay so let me show you how this camera looks with a photo taken with flash. I got a tripod as well to help take photos with and my cat scooter decided to pose for me. 

Here is my little monster, and when I say monster I mean it.
She follows me everywhere, meowing and nearly tripping me over ever step of the way.

So that wraps this short post up for now. I did receive some Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips from my mom as a stocking stuffer so now I get to try them out and give you my opinion, one more to to add to the many of them out there haha!

Okay so you all have a Happy Holiday or a Merry Christmas! Talk to you all soon!