Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jessie's Girl: Mermaid's Lagoon.

Hi everyone!

So this afternoon before work, I decided to finally change my christmas manicure. I wanted something that I felt represented winter or winter-esque.  I wanted a solid color, no glitter, just somthing simple but bright. I was debating on between three or four polishes to change to, ones I hadn't worn since the early fall. I had seen another blogger talk about Mermaid's Lagoon and I knew that was the one to pick.This is from the Julie G Collection that the famous Youtuber put out at Rite Aid this year. It came out around Labor Day weekend and as far as I know my Rite Aid stil had some left.  It is a fantastic teal color and the shimmer is subtle but just enough to make this polish 'pop' in the right light.

This was taken right after I did the manicure. Since the light over my
stove is one of those natural energy saver lights you can pick up on
some of the shimmer in my pinkie and ring finger. This was taken with no flash.

Like right now sitting under my dining room yellowish lights I cannot see the shimmer but under the florescent lights at work you can notice it. This polish is a great two coats and bam no nail line anymore. This polish reminds me somewhat of winter as it matches a pair of gloves I used to own and it represents how cold it is. Even though there is none of the 's' word outside its pretty chilly.

I have to give more credit to this polish and my top coat. The top two pictures were taken after my six hour shift at the grocery store. First time supervising and running around like a mad woman in almost a year. Not my cup of tea for sure. The flash does kind of make it more blue then teal but still its really pretty. The fact that this didn't chip after picking up bags of dog food and 30 packs of water off a metal register and scanning items puts this polish im my top ten of good polishes to wear to work.

Okay so thats it for this post. I think 2012 is going to be a good year and cannot wait to start seeing all the new collections that are on their way out. I'm particularly excited about some of the China Glaze Collections. I think I'm going to hop on the band wagon and put up a top ten nail polish list for the year to give out my opinion on what I had available to me this year in polish. I'm also thinking about trying to accomplish putting up a post every day of the year. Maybe in nail polish maybe not I'm not sure yet. To have 365 different polish post might be hard but if more then half are art then who knows. I have three days to figure it out. I'll let you all know!

Talk to you all soon.