Friday, December 16, 2011

Impress; Press on Nails.

Hey guys!

Yesterday I let you know my Influenster box came in the mail. Today starts the reviews and or showing of the products I received to test.

First off can I say how happy that Christmas is 9 days away. So for the first product I have to show you is the Impress Press on nails from Broadway nails. This was one of the first products in my Voxbox that I was excited to see and try. I'm not a huge fan of fake nails, I have had plenty of bad experiences with them, from acrylic to press on.

The Impress nails come in really cute packaging, all the nails are safely tucked away in a fake nail polish bottle. They have five nails in a tray to show you what the color or design of the nail is. The ones that I received were called working girl.

Packaging for the Impress nails.
I love the design because its crackle and it was the one I saw in CVS and really liked although I saw some other designs I definitely like as well. These claim that they last up to a week. Obviously I just put them on today so I cannot tell you, if they last that long yet. I will however post an update every day that they are on. With the line of work I do though I don't think these will make it past tomorrow night :( . I am wearing them right now as I type this and they are holding up well, usually when I wear press on nails they start to slide off and push back into my cuticles, these def have some holding power so far.

To apply  these you need to remove all polish and oils from your nails, I recommend using there prep pad they include with the kit because it works well. Then they tell you to find the correct size for your nails. My natural nails are slightly bigger than the ones that they give you in the package, I have always had that problem with press on nails too, but most sizes fit nicely, not leaving a lot of space. You do get 24 sizes so its enough to do two manicures if your nails are a smaller size.

These are the sizes I picked out for my nails,
they are slightly smaller than my actual nail.

They tell you to strip off the backing on the nail and apply firmly to your natural nail and leave your thumbs for last. This was something I was happy to see because usually the first instinct is to do your thumbs first. I can say leaving my thumbs for last worked out really well, I also alternated between hands, like I would do my right pinkie then my left and so on. What I also liked about these nails is that they are not super long and sit flush to where my natural nail ends, of course mine are not as shapely as these but that's besides the point.

The only downside I noticed with these is as i was trying to peel off the backing on a few of the nails the backing didn't want to come off so easily and started to bend the nail at the cuticle area, I hope it doesn't have an effect on the nail wear but we shall see. The other downside to this is they do not tell you what to do if you expose them to water for a long period of time, aka washing dishes, taking a shower or washing your hands. I know with other nail products like these they tell you to dry them and then use a blow dryer to re-heat the glue so you can press down on them again.

Here is the final product. I quite like them. I
just hope they last long.

Broadway nails say that they range in price from $5.99 for color to $7.99 for patterns. At my local CVS they were priced at $7.99.
You can view all the colors and "virtually" try them on at    
All in all these are very simple to apply following the directions. now I am off to the store to run errands, lets hope they hold up well!

Until later Nicole