Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Designs: Snowmen and Snowladys

Hey everyone!

Hope your all well. Hope your Christmas shopping is all done or getting there. I still have a few things to get but I have made a deadline for myself, of Dec. 15th because last year I was shopping right up til Christmas Eve.

Anyway here is an awesome polish design for you! Its a  snowman and his snowlady even though here in New York we do not have any snow yet.
Trust me I am truly sad it may not be a white Christmas but I will choose rain over snow any day of the week. Like with the weather yesterday, they said we should of had 3-6 inches of snow by morning and not a single flake came down from the sky. That's what I get for living in the valley, sometimes its a blessing and a curse.

Okay so on with the designs.

What you will need For Mr. Snowman:
In parentheses I will put what I used
  • Base Coat of your choice
  • A red sparkly polish ( Jessie's Girl Wham Bam With Ruby Pumps)
  • A red striper polish ( Art Deco Red Striper)
  • A black striper Polish  (Kiss Striper)
  • A White polish ( Sally Hansen White on and Kiss White striper)
For Miss Snowlady:
  • A Base Coat of your choice
  • A blue sparkly polish ( Blue Years Eve)
  • A white Polish (Sally Hansen White On)
  • A Black Striper ( Kiss Nail Art )
  • A Pink sparkly polish ( Sally Hansen On the Rocks)

, So here are the step by steps.

Mr. Snowman:
  1. Paint your nail with your base coat and allow to dry. Then put two coats of your favorite sparkly red polish on or combine two like I did. Let that dry completely before moving on.
  2. Take your white striper polish and draw two-three circles (depends on how big your nail is) and fill them in with the white polish. Let that dry.
  3. Take your black striper and create his hat. Its pretty much a black box with the bottom line that touches his head extended a bit.
  4. Once the white polish is dry, take your red striper and create is scarf drawing a thin line where the top snow ball meets the middle one. You can extend it out to make it look like the scarf is blowing in the wind.
  5. For his face use your small dotting tool or a tooth pick to place the eyes, mouth and buttons on your snowman. I didn't have orange to create the nose but if you do then by all means create the carrot nose now too!
  6. The red flower on his hat is optional, so if you want just place a few white dots around the snowman to look like snow.
  7. Let the whole design dry another 5 minutes or more, then seal with your favorite top coat.
Mrs. Snowman:
  1. Start off with your base coat, let that dry and place two coats of any shimmery sparkly blue polish on your nail. Let it dry completely!
  2. Take your dotting tool, or a tooth pick and dip it in to your white polish, and start making small circles in a bigger circle, making your snowlady's body. You can use the method for the snowman, but I didn't make these at the same time so that's why I have two different methods. The second method will make her more fluffy looking. Of course let this dry.
  3. Take your pink sparkly polish and create her bow, you can use a tooth pick best for this since it has a small pointy tip. Then take your black striper and make a small dot in the middle of the bow to create definition.
  4. Once your white polish is dry you can now dot on your buttons, eyes, and mouth, and draw on her scarf with the same tooth pick you did the bow with.
  5. Then let the design dry some more and seal in with your best top coat.
Hope you guys like this design. Of course if you can't understand any of my direction just refer to the picture, sometimes it can be more easy to understand then the writing.

That's all for now. I am hopefully getting my Voxbox from infulenster this weekend or beginning of next week! So I will have a new post soon!

Have a great day all!