Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I reach for...Nail Care

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sorry this is late I meant it to be up yesterday either in the morning or when I got home from work and I did neither since time practically flew by!

Today I have nail care to talk to you guys about! It has taken me a very long time to get  my nails to stop breaking and splitting and even grow a decent length. Well at least my left hand listens to me. Since I'm right handed my the nails are widdled down to not stumps but when they start to grow out something comes along and says nope your right hand cannot have long nails except for my ring finger and pinkie.

So I'm sort of trying to always find a way to get my nails to be really healthy. I think I may try vitamins next if I can't get them to grow the way I want.

So lets get started! When I go to remove an old manicure, that's when I usually do the normal routine to take care of my nails. Its rare I go without any nail polish on because I just cannot stand the sight of my nails bare. 

My Polish remover plus some Cotton balls and
Q-tips for clean up around the nails.

First step I do is obviously removing of my nail polish. I use the Onyx Professional Maximum Strength  100% Acetone. I DO NOT recommend this for everyone especially those who have sensitive skin! I use this because it removes polish quickly for me and its best at removing glitter polish. 100% Acetone is very drying to the skin and I notice if I use it to much then my skin gets chalky. That is why I wash my hand immediately after using the remover. Its very important to get the moisture back in to your hands.

**Sometimes if I am doing a manicure, after I remove my polish and I have to hop in the shower that is a great way to get the moisture back and get your cuticles soft so you can push them back. **

If I don't use the above tip I usually will wash my hands with a moisturizing antibacterial soap. I love the Bath & Body Works one. I use the Mint Chocolate Moisturizing Antibacterial soap. Not only does it work amazingly it smells heavenly!

Its a swirly and pearlecent. And smelly yummy!
Once my hands are dry they are ready for the start of the manicure. First I prep with a cuticle oil to make my cuticles and nails healthy Its the Sally Hansen Cuticle and Nail Oil that has vitamin E in it. You just brush it on and rub it in and then once again wash your hands but you don't necessarily have use the moisturizing soap, rinsing them off my do just as well.

Next comes the base coat, I have two that I flip flop through on occasion, I have the Seche Vite Crystal Clear Base Coat and my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth. Crystal Clear works pretty good but it seems like it disappears off the nail, like when it drys you can't see the sheen from it. With Maximum Growth you can and the nail doesn't feel dry.

As for my top coat you guys know that I raved about this in my last Nails of the Day Post! The Sally Hansen Insta Dry is AMAZING! So far two out of the four glitter polishes I have worn with it have made the  glitter smooth and even in about two coats! With Seche Vite it would of taken probably four.

So I think that is about it for this post!  Nail Care is important, and if there is one thing I remember reading about in a blog a long time ago is that your nails are not tools but rather jewels!

Talk care all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll start posting holiday designs soon!