Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I reach Part 2

Okay in part one I talked mainly face products that I use. Now what works for me may not work for you and I  completely understand that. What I hope these post do are give insight to these product so if someone has seen and read reviews on something and is still on the fence about it.
Granted I am one in probably a million blogs that review and talk about nail polish and beauty products. I also know that I have said it's mostly about nail polish on here but sometimes I don't have a polish post to share so a beauty post is a good way to give me variety? I don't know I guess I'm rambling. On with the post!

Eye shadow(s)

For eyeshadow I don't usually stick to one product, it depends on my mood really. As of recently though I began using my Hard Candy Face Facts gift set that I purchased after christmas last year. I think originally it was like 10 dollars, and I got it for half off which you cannot beat that. It is limited edition and I'm not even sure you can get the colors in it singlely. If I could I would.

Here is what the gift set looks like. Its missing
the sponge tip applicator and the really rough
'blush' brush.

What I like about this gift set is that you get a huge tube of the eye shadow primer. This stuff is amazing I use it all the time with what ever eye shadow I am wearing. It makes my shadows stay all day long and doesn't crease them. You get three eye shadow shade in this set a light goldie bronze on the far right, a medium brown and then a dark brown. These shadows are baked, and I found you can use them wet for a more intense look. You also get half of a blush and half of a bronzer. The blush is nice but I don't use it very much and the bronzer is too shimmery to put on my face.  I usually put the lightest shade all over my lid then darken my crease with the dark two shades and bring it under my lower lash line.

Here is a closer look at the colors in the box.

Eye Liner

I use two different eyeliners, but this portion will be short I promise. For my upper lash line I use Maybeline Line Stiletto Liquid eye liner. This is by far one of the best liquid liner I use, well its the only one so I'm biased. But it is awesome. For first timers though I don't reccomend liquid eye liner since is not moveable once you put it on. I used this next pencil line for a while before liquid. For pencil liners I use Rimmel, they have the nicest soft khol pencils. I have them in black and white. They are super smooth and super affordable at about $3.79 I think at Walmart but don't quote me. The liquid liner I also got from Walmart but I don't remember the price :( .


I have two mascaras that I reach for and I use them together to make my lashes super big, super long and super curly. The first one is Maybelines Falsies. If you haven't tried this line you need to. I started with the original falsies and have bought every other one that has come out ever since. My favorite by far is the flared one. It wings out my lashes and makes it look like I put extra lashes on. The brush is thick and slightly C shaped and gives the best coating. Although my one downside to this is that once you put a coat on and you let it dry you cannot go over it with a second coat, it makes your lashes clumpy and impossible to work with. To get your bang for your buck to try to use a different mascara before falsies to help build up your lashes.

That brings me to my next mascara. This was the first mascara that I purchased after using Covergirl Professional for a long time. It's Hard Candy's Curl Up and Dye mascara. It clams to really curl your lashes. I never actually used this mascara until most recently about a month ago. I think when I bought it I was very intimidated by the brush as you can see on the left is a long thin brush. Now I can't stop using it! Combining it with Falsies makes my lashes amazing.  Both mascara's are in black of course and I believe the Falsies one is about $5.97 from Walmart and the Curl up and Dye was about $7.

So that's about it I think. All the products I use on my face. Wheres the lip products I use?  Well I was going to show you my Rimmel Airy Fairy nude pink lipstick but I don't use it enough to call it something I reach for. On special occasions I use it and when I feel I want to wear it.

So until next time which will be a nail polish haul and I finally got the Stamping kit from Rite Aid today so That will be featured as well.

Talk to you all soon.


** All products mention were purchased by me and my own money!*