Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To early for Christmas?? A review and Some rambling!

With the holiday season approaching us, ( only 16 days until Thanksgiving and 42 days until Christmas) but who's counting. :) All of the retail stores are beginning or already have put out Christmas displays and holiday items for us to drool over and purchase. It wasn't even Halloween yet at my grocery store where I work,  had Christmas stuff out on October 29th. Its crazy it truly is, we practically forget that Thanksgiving even comes before Christmas. Today while taking a stroll through Walmart after my doctors appointment the first thing you see now when you walk in the door is a giant Christmas tree, and Tom the Turkey.  Then I quickly realized they were also playing Christmas music and as I went towards the Christmas decorations the music got louder. Needless to say I want to decorate my house head to toe right now!

But its too early for that. I think Thanksgiving weekend I will start the Christmas craze around my house, my parents will be so elated (NOT!) .  This blog post is supposed to be a review and I will now get to that.

So before Halloween when I went into my local Rite Aid and purchased my Snowmen Polish, you can see a review of it here. I also picked up the Suave Limited Edition Seasonal Peppermint Bliss Shimmer Body Wash. Geez that was a mouthful.  It retails for about $2.79 I believe, I could be wrong so don't quote me on it and plus prices may vary in different areas. For the size of this was which is 18 fluid ounces or 532 ML the price was good I thought. I am a HUGE fan of Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint, and all of there other holiday scents, but since I haven't been able to make it to the mall yet at all this fall finding a possible dupe for about 80% cheaper then what BBW charges was a steal!

This body wash is" infused with peppermint extract  and skin conditioning vitamin E" as I quote from the bottle. Suave also quotes " invigorates your skin and your senses" and it most certainly does! I cannot stop raving about how good this body wash smells. Now I did buy this on recommendation from another beauty blog whom I have mentioned many times in my blogs, Nouveau Cheap  check her out! Comparing this body wash to BBW's is that I like them both evenly on scent, although BBW's version has a bit more vanilla scent to it then Suave's, and Suave's has more peppermint to it which I love and then you get the small kick of sweetness.

Peppermint Bliss lathers really well and a you don't need a ton of it to make lots of bubbles.  I felt that once I got it on to my shower scrubby, the scent was strong but not over powering just like as if I was smelling straight out of the bottle, but once I washed and rinsed off the smell was very light to my skin and I could hardly smell it. That was the only low point of this product.  The body wash did make my skin feel very moisturized and soft. No need to go over it with my body lotion. It doesn't leave any sort of residue on the skin which is nice, because we all know some soaps and washes can do that.   When you put the body wash on your bath scrubby or whatever you use to wash with it has a pearlyness to it, hence the 'shimmer' but don't worry it doesn't make your skin glittery by all means. 

This is what the body was looks like, notice
the pretty swirly shimmer in it. So lovely
to look at.

Overall I really love, love this body wash, and was considering picking up another one of the scents. Suave offers four scents in this year's seasonal body washes, Peppermint Bliss, Candy Apple ( which could be a dupe for BBW Warm Candy Apple), Holiday Pear and Vanilla Sugar ( another BBW Dupe?) These are also supposed to be available at Walmart as well but I have yet to see my Walmart stock anything like this. Thank god for Rite Aid!  If you want to smell yummy for the holidays and cannot afford BBW then this might be the golden ticket.

Till next time

*** This product was NOT sent to me for review, I purchased this with my own money, and I am not being compensated by the company. I make my reviews fair and if I don't like something about a product I am not afraid to say so.**