Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Gem Crush

Good evening!

So I literally just got home from work 10 minutes ago and jumped on the computer to post this. Today doing laundry at the laundry mat with my mother, I took a trip across the street to the local CVS. Usually they disappoint me because they never seem to get anything new in.
I noticed recently that they had gotten the new Smooth Collection from SH but not the Gem Crush like I had seen from other people who had posted about it. I though I would finally give up last week and thought "that's it their not getting it". Today I felt I should go just to get out of the laundry mat for a little bit. Good thing I did!

This collection I believe has seven colors in it. Four of the seven are pretty much exact dupes of the China Glaze Eye Candy. You can see my review and swatches here. I told you guys in that post that I passed on Blond Bombshell and Material Girl because they were not appealing to me, well not even the SH dupe of Material Girl was appealing to me, I even think I saw a dupe at Walgreen's from a Revlon polish too!

Lady Luck on the left and Big Money on the right.

The ones I  did buy are as follows. First up is Lady Luck, I absolutely love his polish! It is exactly they same make up of Some Like It Haute but a very deep pink magenta glitter mixed with the larger holographic hexagonal glitter. Some Like it Haute is a bit more chunky-er looking at my swatches but I will post both shots so you can compare.

Lady Luck swatch, three coats, no top coat.
Some Like it Haute, 2 coats no top coat.

Lady Luck is a bit thinner and required 3 coats for opacity, but it looks amazing when it is.

Last but no way least is Big Money. I thought this was going to be a dupe for Blond Bombshell, but I was soooooo wrong. I just looked at some swatches of it and the CG polish is way more a yellow/gold with hexagonal gold glitter and bar glitter. Big money is very finely milled actual gold glitter like they color of a ring gold, and has medium pale pink hexagonal glitter running through it. That is what I found about this polish so lovely. The CG polish looks too yellow for me. The pale pink hex glitter is so pretty mixed in and gives it more dimension then just being all one color glitter. Maybe that's why the all pink glitter didn't appeal to me.

I wore Big Money today and it held up well in the office  as I dug my way through tills and sweep bags over and over. Here is the swatch.

I believe this is three coats and no top coat. On the
sides of the nail you an see the pink glitter. It comes out
better in the bottle shot above.
I'm officially in love with Big Money it is amazing! It goes with my skin tone well and I don't know how to describe it, it just works for me. I think its the pink glitter though. LOL.

Oh! Did I mention the BRUSHES?? They are they same as for the Complete Salon Manicure brushes, it makes the application so much better!

Okay so for where you can get  these I believe is CVS only, because my Rite Aid, is always on time with new collections and this has not surfaced there or my local Walgreen's even though they are usually behind as well. These do retail for $7.39 each so they are much more pricey-er than if you order online for the CG ones, but then again SH does have the three unique ones as well so... but anyway, your call! I also believe that the CG Eye Candy Polish should be at Sally's this week, just call to make sure they have them first!

Talk to you all soon! Nicole