Sunday, November 27, 2011

New polish and holiday designs

Hey all!

Just a quick post before work. I'm sorry I really haven't had anything new in the last three days or so. Work has been absolutely crazy since Thanksgiving. Due to the fact that I work at night only gives me limited time during the day to get everything done and that includes blogging :( . I have been relentlessly working on holiday designs. I wanted to have one for each week up til Christmas. I have succeeded in that so I should be revealing the first one probably on Thursday or Wednesday night since I also plan on starting my Christmas shopping then too.

I also have some news to share that my CVS finally got that Gem Crush Collection in from Sally Hansen. It only took them forever since they had the smooth collection out for about three weeks now and those two collections came out roughly the same time. Of course looking at the display there are just about all dupes for the eye candy collection (execpt Marry A Millioniare) there are two or three I believe that totally different from eye candy. I purchased Big Money and Lady Luck. I will have pics and swatches up tonight when I get home from work. Big money seems to be a dupe for Blonde Bombshell but I don't recall Blonde Bombshell having pink hexagonal glitter in it. Big Money does and that's what made me buy that one. Its a nice offset to the all the gold glitter even though I know I have said in the past I am not a gold person. Lady Luck is just like Some Like it Haute but a magenta maroon color glitter instead of grey. They do have a dupe of Some Like it Haute.

So I cannot wait to show these to you and show you the first of my holiday designs. I am wearing Big Money today to work, Its a nice change after stark white polish with festive glitter. The gold does kind of blend in with my skin tone well so that's a plus. I have three coats on for opacity and two coats of Insta Dry on. It doesn't make it glass smooth but cuts out 90 percent of the roughness!

That's all until tonight! Talk to you all soon. Don't forget to check me out on twitter!

Below check out mani! Sorry for the iPhone pic but my other camera is charging!