Saturday, November 12, 2011

My little haul... China Glaze and Color Club ( Pic Heavy)

Hey everyone!

So back on Wednesday I went to my local Sally's to see if they had any of the China Glaze Let It Snow collection in. It also happened to be the day I had to pick up my dad from the train station so it worked out well.

Okay so I got to get two of the 12 polishes from the collection.
They had a couple of the gift sets and some of the loose polishes. Looking at the Blue Year's Eve and Snow Globe set I wasn't too excited about Snow Globe as I thought I was. So when I saw that they had Blue Year's Eve sold by itself I grabbed it and also grabbed Velvet Bow. I wanted the color but didn't know if I was going to be able to  pull it off. I was excited to get the two but wished I could have gotten a couple more, but sadly I didn't have a lot of money to spend. Twenty bucks was going to be my limit and since Sally's doesn't discount China Glaze like the online e-tailers do, I was limited.

To top off my experience I also go a Color Club that is exclusive to Sally's. Its a part of the Scent-ious collection for the holidays. I got it after seeing a swatch on the blog called The Nailphile. The polish is  called Sugar Plum Yum. Its a glitter, and the glitter is freaking huge in this case. Its a pretty green and purple colors that is very thick and blobby and takes A LOT of top coat to smooth out and dry.

So on to some pictures of the bottles and a couple of swatches. I wound up wearing Velvet Bow for the first three days (Wednesday-Friday night) and then switched to Blue Year's Eve. I also tried taking pictures with my Kodak Digital Camera, which never took good pictures before but some how I figured it out and got some nice pictures, hopefully this will be how all my pics come out and I don't have to use my iPhone anymore.

Okay so when I purchased my three lovely polishes, the clerk at the counter was eager to give me a gift box for them. Mind you she didn't even have them out of the plastic they came in and it took he about ten minutes to put it together. All in all the box is pretty,and a good carrying case, I told her she didn't have to add the 'grass' in the bottom but she insisted. 

How Sally's packed my polishes. Cute right?

Here is Blue Year's Eve. I have to say when I saw swatches of this online I was like oh another blue, that I don't need because I don't normally wear blue, then I saw more swatches and how the fine glitter and glass flecks really made this polish stand out and I could not resist. The application of this polish was really good, easy to control and opaque in two coats. I did add an extra coat this morning when I noticed some not so opaque spots but all is good.

Even after a tough work out at work my nails are still holding
up well. Only a few small chips which I can easily fix. This is
a pre-work pic though.

I love the shimmer in this polish, in normal light it is blue but turning the bottle and your nails to the right angle in the light lets a pretty purple duochrome come through. I was dying to get it on film but no such luck.

Next up is Velvet Bow. I had to put this polish on as soon as I got it Wednesday. Its  opaque in about 2-3 coats and looks super shiny with Seche Vite Top Coat. I love that this polish is jelly like in consistency but it makes it hard to control and being such a Burgundy red color clean up and removal were not very forgiving. After I took this polish off Friday night my finger tips were red. The addition of a top coat kind of gave it a patent leather look I thought, and it picked up scuff marks easily.

Bottle Shot. Its more dark with out the flash, but
without the flash you wouldn't see anything.

Here is the mani I did, as you can see around my cuticle, the polish
is not forgiving it stained my cuticles red. This pic gives you the truer color of the polish.

 The pics with the dates on them were taken with my Kodak digital camera. They came out nice, I think that's what I will be using from now on to take pics.

The next polish is Sugar Plum Yum by Color Club. Its my very first one too! I do love this polish not just for the huge glitter as much as the yummy scent this polish leaves behind when dry.  I have seen the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Line and the China Glaze 3D Eye Candy Collection also have huge glitter too..I'm hoping to get my hands on these polishes soon. I hear some of the Gem Crush Collections are dupes for China Glaze.  I could only do a bottle shot  since I haven't found a way to wear Sugar Plum Yum yet. I know The Nailphile used a purple base, I think I'm going to wait till it gets closer to Christmas to wear this though.

You can't really see the big glitter but I assure you its there.
This polish is thick and trying to spread it across the nail is not likely going to happen.
Word on the street is you plop it on and spread it out.

Okay so that about wraps it up for my little excursion to Sally's. Hopefully I will be able to have more polishes to show you if they get to my area soon.

Talk to you all soon

**The Polishes mentioned in this post were purchased by me and my own money. I am not being compensated by their companies***