Saturday, November 19, 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection and Swatches (Pic heavy)

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is up later than expected. I was busy with work, doctor appointments, and every time I wanted to post I would realize I would have to do something else first.

Back on Thursday I received my package from Head2Toe Beauty. I ordered these nail polish back on Monday, and they got shipped out Tuesday and arrived Thursday so about a day and a half of shipping total, but four days for the order to be done. I am so pleased with how it all went down,
I have nothing but praise for the sales department at Head2Toe! The Postal Service said that I wasn't supposed to get my package until Friday but they surprised me! For the four polishes I ordered it came to $14 plus $6.45 for shipping so with no tax and a $0.70 discount ( code is on there website through end of November.)  it cost me less than $20 bucks. If I had gone to my local Sally's I would of spent more gas, and higher prices for these, and I would of had to wait until the end of November to get them. How do I know this? Well I had emailed Sally's before I ordered from Head2Toe and I was told by the Sally's customer service team that it wouldn't be until the last week in November and that I should call first to make sure my Sally's would even have them. I couldn't wait so I ordered them online for the first time.

I got four out of the six polishes in this collection. If I happen to go out to Sally's at the end of the month, which I might to pick my best friend up one of these polishes since she liked them so much, I'll have to see what the other two look like in person to see whether or not I would want them. My gut tells me no since I didn't like what I saw from other blogs swatches and reviews.

From Left to Right: Lorelei's Tiara, Marry A Millionaire,
Some Like it Haute, and Love Marylin.
First up is...Lorelei's Tiara. Out of this collection this my favorite, but I like all four very much as well. Lorelei's Tiara is the small hexagonal silver glitter that has larger bright sky blue hexagonal glitter running throughout. All of these swatches by the way were done on plastic nails and are two coats without top coat. These glitters are top coat hoarders so no use wasting top coat on these when I'm going to need it on my nails.

Clicking on the picture will let you zoom in and see the awesomeness
that is this glitter polish.
This polish I noticed was smooth upon application and was opaque enough for me in two coats. When it dries it is very rough and I feel top coat is required for sure. Top coat will not take away from these I feel it only enhances the glitter if anything. What I love most about this polish is that the larger blue glitter looks so evenly dispersed on the nail and definitely gives it that 'Tiara' feel.

Next up is Love Marylin. When I was ordering these I hesitated on Love Marylin only because, I wasn't sure I wanted a red glitter, but after reading some people had problems with Material Girl the pink glitter I chose this one instead. Boy did I make a good choice! Another nail blog I was reading described Love Marylin as "Minnie Mouse in a bottle", I can totally agree with that but I feel its is the most Christmas-y of all the winter polish I own. It is fine red glitter with medium silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base. I feel it even gets right up there with Party Hearty from last year but maybe beats it since it can be full coverage in three coats where as with Party Hearty you would need a lot more.

Two coats of Love Marylin, not fully opaque but I think three would
do it if you wanted to wear just the glitter. I prefer using a red base.

Here it is over Velvet Bow. It gives great coverage over a same color
base and it makes the silver pop out even more.

Third is Some Like it Haute! This I think is such a pretty polish and reminds me of having Christmas lights on my nails that are mixed in with the snow and ice. Some Like It Haute is a grey slate jelly base with small silver glitter and medium holographic glitter.

 As much as I like the twinkly-ness of this polish I do have a few pet peeves about it. First off it covers great, opaque in two coats. Once again as it dries like all the others it is rough and gritty. This one is a severe top coat eater. I decided to wear this polish this weekend since I heard it calling to me. It has taken 3 coats of Seche Vite to make it "smooth" and by the quotations around that word I mean I can still feel some of the bumpiness to it. Its not a lot of bumps but its slightly bumpy.  The one thing I did like was that after the third coat of top coat the rough look, by looking at the nails from the side was gone. I would recommend using a clear polish to try to get it even before wasting three coats of top coat.

I love the holo glitter! Watch out though its a bumpy hungry glitter!
Finally I have Marry A Millionaire. The bar/hairy glitter. This polish has every color imaginable to it. I saw green, purple, blue, pink, silver, gold, I could go on. This polish as everyone is saying is the most sheer of the group. It doesn't reach opacity in 2 coats by any means. This is definitely the layering polish of the six.

Here is Marry A Millionaire with no base color.

Here it is over Black on Black by Sinful Colors. Click the pic to see how the
glitter stands out!
I'm thinking that this is going to be my New Year's Eve manicure for sure! If I remember correctly it does eat some top coat and is not as bumpy or rough so this one gets more points for that! All of my swatches today were done with by gluing a fake nail to a pencil. No one had orange sticks or I would have used those but I like this better since I can write on the pencil itself what I am swatching and it will let me create more nail designs without having to practice on my nails.

That's it for this post about China Glaze Eye Candy. I do love this collection a lot. It is by far my most favorite that I own from China Gaze. I am currently creating some holiday designs for my nails and hope to have a few to show you soon!.

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