Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snowmen Polish

Hello everyone!

It seems that I have been posting a lot lately, my mind keeps racing, thinking of things to post on here. I am enjoying posting the odd non nail polish related post on here, I feel it breaks it up. So I'm gonna keep doing that every once in a while.

I have another manicure to show you today and kind of a swatch of a new snowmen polish I purchased from Rite Aid only a couple of hours ago. I have been having a crummy couple of weeks and I felt today was the day to treat myself to something nice.

So the new snowmen polishes are out and about and I was happy to see my Rite Aid was not behind on the band wagon. I would of taken a picture of the display there were too many people around. I did pick up one of the coveted polishes. These polishes have no name on them but they are from Blue Cross Beauty Products.

This polish in particular reminded me of China Glaze Snow Globe. Its one of the polishes I want from the Holiday Collection this year. Unfortunately the snowmen polish is not exactly like Snow Globe. Its not thick, or have a white jelly base and is missing one of the colors of glitter that Snow Globe has. It is thinner, it does have a white base but its more on the clear side when you apply it to the nail. Although I like it thinner because its easier to control that way. I initially had to test it as soon as I got in the car. I had on my Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice on and it actually made that look really cool.

Being in the car and the weather being oh so down right crappy out. Its currently snowing and raining here in New York today. :( As I look out the window at this very moment its definitely snowing, not sticking because the ground is too warm but snowing none the less. Due to the weather picture taking in the car was non existent.

I did manage to get two decent pictures inside under my stove light, its one of those nice bulbs that make the light look natural not yellow. I did change my base color to China Glaze Jolly Holly seeing as that's the base I pictured this glitter polish with. I think for Christmas it is going to look phenomenal over Phat Santa or Velvet bow.

Here is a bottle shot of the snowmen.
I tried to get the camera to pick
up the glitter, I see blue, green, and gold.
No purple like in Snow Globe.

Here is my mani. Can't really see the glitter but its there.
So for $1.99 I'm a happy camper. I'm still going to go on the hunt for Snow Globe as soon as I can get to. That's it for this post, until we meet again!


**Any products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being sponsored by the companies that produce them.**