Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pink is for Breast Cancer!

So the month of October is not only my mom's birthday month (Happy Birthday!) but it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. Now I don't personally know anyone within my family who has fought Breast Cancer, I do have friends and their family members who have.

Back on Saturday my job that I work for organized a bake sale called "A Day of Hope". People from work baked different things to sell. I myself made cookies, sugar cookies and chocolate chip. They came out amazing I may say, although after making almost 40 packages of cookies
(each baggie had three cookies)  they didn't sell much, so I did go home with a basket full of cookies, but not everything sold that day either we still had a ton left over and we were selling it for really cheap haha.

Since I had to work the morning that day I couldn't wear pink and normal clothes like everyone else, but I did my best by making sure I had a rockin' pink mani and my pink sweatshirt! So here is a picture of that mani, and the inspirational cookie that made me do it!

This is 2-3 Coats of  Pink Forever by Sinful
Colors and 3 coats of the Glow-in-the-Dark
Jack-o-Lantern polish from Rite Aid

Okay so I'm no Martha Stewart, but I think
I did good with these. It took me two weeks
to figure out how I wanted these to come out,
a lot of test baking lol

Okay so that about sums it up for this blog post. I am trying to work on a new mani for Halloween since its about 3 weeks away and I hope to have plans for that weekend. Haunted Hayrides and parties anyone??? I tried to re-create Goldiestarling's Dracula mani but failed miserably due to the fact I got pissed off during the process by people. If you love watching YouTube videos check hers out! She has some awesome Halloween make-up tutorials out right now. I wish I was that creative with make up and nails!!!

That's all for now!

**Any nail polish mentioned in this blog was purchased by me and by my own money, I am not being compensated for it.***