Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh how I love my local drug store


Manicure time!!

So reading all the different blogs out there that talk about the newest drug store finds ,makes me so excited, especially when I see something that sparks my interest. Well according to Nouveau Cheap a brand of nail polish I never heard of had came out at Rite Aid. Its Called Hedy. The display Rite Aid had out was for holographic polishes. Now we know some of us love them and some of us hate them. I myself love them and still regret not getting into the polish craze sooner to get the China Glaze ones.

Anywhoo, I stopped by my local Rite Aid to check out whats new, not only to look for the Hedy polishes but maybe some striper polishes too. I've been practicing my nail art lately :) . So upon looking at the all the lovely displays that I already new about I saw the Hedy polishes. This line is called the Ma. nish. ma. line. They have four different colors to look at. The first I saw was a white/clear polish with the pretty rainbow flecks, next was a hot pink color, then a silver, and then the one that I picked up.

Blaster.  Its a blue-toned purple color that it looks like it could very well deliver, so I picked it up. Got home and immediately tried it on my pinkie nail. Every time I buy a new polish I seem to use my pinkie nail as a guide as to whether I can wear the polish by itself or does it need to go on top of a different color to get the full effect.

Here is a bottle shot...

You can see the blueish tone, sad to say
my camera wouldn't get the beautiful shimmer.
Applying this polish just to your nails, is okay if you like it sheer or having to apply probably quite a few coats for opaqueness. On a bare nail, there is no indication of a holographicness to this polish. Its just very shimmery and very duo chrome. Now I like a good duo-chrome, but I thought it would look better with a dark base color.

First I tried it over Sinful Colors Black cream polish and the effect was pretty nice, if you looked one way you got a blue color the other purple. But black polish for me is extremely messy and doesn't bode well on my longer nails. As some say black is better for short nails.

So I got the idea to use a red base, whipping out Phat Santa from last years China Glaze Holiday Collection. (Has anyone seen this years collection. such pretty polishes, I must have Snow Globe!)
I put blaster over the red jelly polish and I must say I like it so much better. Now when I look at my nails they are either a blue-purple or pink...

Okay so I took this pic in the laundry mat today
you can see the amazing shimmer this has.
I just wish I could of gotten the pink duo-chrome
to show.
So sorry for my cuticles in this shot... ugh I need to fix them. But anyway that's about it for the post. I would of loved this polish more if it was Holographic, but the cool multi-tonal effect is good enough to say its a keeper. I wonder what it would look like over all different colors?

Let me know what you think and have you guys purchased this or are you excited for the China Glaze holiday collection????


***Any products mentioned in this post were purchased by myself and with my own money, I am not being sponsored or compensated by the companies**