Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cupcake time! Thanks to JulieG

Wow two post in one day, it must be a record for me or something!

Okay so I've been looking at all different types of manicure tutorials on YouTube lately, and by that I mean last night lol . JulieG713, has a ton of nail tutorials up and not to forget her own polish collection through Jessie's Girl Cosmetics, I had never checked out her Youtube Channel before and I am so glad that I did!

She has a Cupcake manicure on her channel that I thought was pretty cool and I happened to have the same nail polishes and stripers she used, or variations of them. I thought why not try it and see what happens. Well thank you JulieG for creating this manicure and posting it!

Of course my left hand came out a million times better than my right but, I think with more practice as time goes on I will be getting better at it.  So here are the pics!

Here they are! I was a little leary that I could
do this at first but it was sooo easy!

Here is my thumb. Not something I photograph
often. But this was the best cupcake that I made!

If you want to see how this is done I recommend going to JulieG's channel on YouTube and looking it up, she describes it so much better than I could and she goes step by step!

Thats all for now. Leave a Comment!!!