Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chapstick Anyone?

Okay so for today I have another non nail polish post. This one is about chapstick. I can attest to the fact that I use chapstick pretty much everyday. Usually from about September to march I need it. My lips get so dry and they crack and hurt. It sucks! That's probably the reason I don't wear lipstick much.... : /

So today I am going to compare and contrast my two new favorite chapsticks that I have been reaching for lately.

First up is Maybeline's Baby Lips. I have never seen these before until I heard about them here in the blog community, and  that they are pretty decent. Now here in upstate NY we don't get displays of products as soon as everyone else, usually its a couple weeks or so after I hear about them.  I was delighted to see that my local Walmart had put up a display about two weeks ago.  After looking at all the different types they had one that stood out to me, Pink Punch.

Baby Lips Pink Punch Packaging

Its packaged like a normal chapstick, but its colorful which is right up my alley! Now Pink Punch smells exactly as it sounds, the first note I get is pink lemonade then back notes of tropical fruit like pineapple or mango. Needless to say I like the fruity smells and this smell is not strong at all its just strong enough to prove its name.

Its application is smooth and creamy which is nice. Its a very moisturizing lip balm. I definitely notice the rough edges on my lips disappear when I apply it. This also has SPF 20 in it which is great for when the winter comes and the sun is reflecting off the snow and on to your lips.  The only thing that I didn't realize when I purchased this was that there was color pay off. I thought it would just maybe give a light tint to my lips and just be like other chapsticks.

Pink Punch in the tube, that's pretty much an accurate color.

This is rubbing Pink Punch on my hands
about 2-3 times like I would a chapstick
to my lips.
The color pay off is not severe by any means its a sheer color if you do one go around but two or three like a regular chapstick and the above photo is what you get. So I usually have to rub my lips together a lot or with my finger to get the desired tint. Bright pink doesn't suit me so well some times.

The price of this was reasonable at about $2.97.

Now for the compare!

EOS chapstick I discovered though Sayanythingbr00ke. I first tried the summer fruit one which was over a year ago and that was like cantaloupe and I hate melons. Recently I picked up the summer mint one at my job and its really nice.  If you don't know EOS it is packaged in the shape of an egg and so is the chapstick inside. I think it is packaged that way to make it more easy to apply to your lips.

Such cute packaging no?

Inside of my EOS

I love the turquoise packaging on this lip balm, I guess I gravitate towards colorful things lol. Its easy to hold in the palm of your hand.

The application of EOS is smooth but is like a normal chapstick brand, not creamy at all like Baby Lips. It is moisturizing but not like Baby Lips, after an application I can feel the roughness on my lips a lot more and its takes a few applications to start to get it smooth. The scent of EOS is very minty, it smells like Double mint Gum or toothpaste, I choose the first one since I don't think saying "my chapstick smells like toothpaste" is very enticing.  It does have SPF, I'm just not sure what strength. There is no color pay off with EOS which I like. So if I am looking for a quick fix I reach for this.

The price of this if I remember correctly was about $2.99. So the price of these two chapsticks are not far off from each other.

All in all I would probably reach for my EOS more often for that quick fix but when I want some color and I think I need something stronger I would go for Baby Lips.

That's my take on my chapsticks. Leave a comment or subscribe please!!


**Any products mention in this post was purchased with my own money, I was NOT sent these for review and I am not being sponsored or compensated by the companies that produce them**