Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crackle Kick and a Hurricane

I am soo sorry for not posting in forever! Since I had gotten back from Florida life has been anything but relaxing. :(

The week after we got back and I had to go back to work, lets just say work has been stressing me out to the max and that I am almost pulling my hair out. I wont get into details about it.  Then at the end of that first week back we had a hurricane. Okay so it was tropical storm when it came through where I live. I live in New York and happened to be in one of the most hardest hit areas. I watched on TV my home town wash away, it was absolutely horrifying. During that time I was stuck inside which was about 2 and a half days due to the flooding in my area, I went on a crackle kick.

Now I know crackle is sort of a fading fad but I still like it time to time. Especially black crackle with bright colors underneath. Since I haven't bought any new nail polish lately I broke out two old Sally Hansen HD Polishes, Digital and Pixel Pretty.

So here they are :

Sally Hansen Digital 2 Coats
Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty 2 Coats with Black Scales

So that's about it for this Post I will have another post after this one about my current mani and what I am looking forward to

Talk to you all soon

**Any product (s) mention in my blog post are purchased with my own money and I am not being sponsored or endorsed by the company**