Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long time no post!

So man have neglected this blog!

I am so very sorry for the lack of updates on here. After I posted my first two post I hadn't had any viewers or comments and that's understandable( well I only had two posts up) but I guess I also got discouraged and distracted. I had to focus on finishing the semester which meant no fun for Nicole.
Now that obviously the semester is over because um...hey it's august lol!

 I have purchased tons of new nail polish and of course they are from collections that have already been put out and reviewed by many other bloggers who i are much better at this then I. But I would like to give you my take on them and other nail and possibly maybe some make up items in as well.

I hope to whom ever reads this that even if you don't leave a comment or even follow that maybe you'll come visit every so often!

Talk to you soon fellow nail polish lovers