Friday, August 5, 2011

It's no OMG

Hey lovely nail polish lovers!

I have a new manicure for you guys today. Its not from any collection that is recently out or anything creative. Its from China Glaze's Tronica Collection, I bought two of them from Sally's Beauty Supply back in March I believe. When I heard they were first coming out with this collection it was rumored to be like the OMG collection that we all know and love. Sadly I wasnt obsessed with nail polish when they came out so I never purchased them :(

I then began to look for reviews for Tronica and found out they were sort of a let down and not holographic at all. When I went to Sally's that day they had about three of them left. Even though they were not holo they still had a bit of distinctness that I did not have in my collection. So it was a Buy 2 get 1 free deal so I picked up Electrica Magenta and Digital Dawn. Both are lovely colors.

Electrica Magenta is a bright purplely color that has amazing shimmer running through it and it sparkles in the sun. Digital Dawn is a beautiful dusty rose color that I can notice the somewhat holo-ness of in the sun. So thats what I picked for today.

In the pic abover you can really see some of the shimmer that looks like its holographic but not nearly as what we know. This is two coats with using my Nutra-nail base coat and ridge filler and finishing it off with China Glaze Fast Foward Top Coat.

Thats all for today! Next time I will be showing you a coral manicure because I will be going on vacation soon and cannot wait. I will try to blog while I am away and maybe even get some new nail products to bring back with me.

Until then ..

**Any nail polish I talk about in my post(s) I have purchased with my own money and am no way being sponsered by any of the above mentioned brands***