Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm seeing red!

Hello polish world!

So for today's manicure I decided to do a trial run of what I would want to wear on my vacation next week. I originally wanted to wear a coral color. I have two, Jesse's Girl "Julie G." and Wet n' Wild Tropicalia. Both are beautiful corals, both are opaque in two coats, and they are both cream finishes which I LOVE! For some odd reason though I just couldn't bring myself to really want to wear them.

I started to crave something different. A brighter color. Then I saw one of my favorite bloggers "The Nailphile" review a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color, a very sparkly red color that for some reason the name escapes me. So I went on a search for a lovely red color. I only have two reds in my collection, and that is Phat Santa from China Glaze's Holiday 2010 and China Glaze Ruby Pumps, and I normally don't like how reds look on my short stubby nails. Since I bought both last year I fell in love with them and wanted to get a nice creamy red, but I always stop myself from buying it. (My attempts at being budget aware).

Today at Rite Aid I made my purchase. I looked at several different reds from an array of companies and narrowed it down to Sinful Colors Good Girl and Jesse's Girl Wham Bam. Looking at both in the bottles Good Girl is darker then Wham Bam, and Good Girl seemed to be a jelly finish which I'm not fond of, so you can guess what I purchased.

Wham Bam is a fantastic red, that just somehow screams summer to me and yet Valentines day at the same time. What I like about the Jesse's Girl polishes are the bottles  I like the square design, when they are mixed in with my other polishes they stand out to me and I know exactly what brand it is. I thought Wham Bam would be a two coater, but after that and a top coat I could still see my nail line. Not horribly but enough that I could see it and that bothered me so I added a third coat and finished off with CG Fast Forward top coat.

Three coats and you can still see my nail line a little.
So I'm going to give Wham Bam a trial run and see how it holds up overnight tonight and see what people think, if its a hit I'll keep it for vacay, if not then...who knows. Now thinking about it, it doesn't match anything I'm packing for the trip but who cares!

That's all for this time!

**Any nail polish I write about in my post(s) I have purchased with my own money and am no way being sponsered by any of the above mentioned brands***