Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love Five Below!

Hello lovely polish lovers!

So I start my vacation as of tonight at 10pm when I get off of work. I am so excited!!! I haven't done my vacation mani yet only because I'm still not sure on what I actually want to do. I know I said something about a coral color, but now I am unsure.

 I wore Digital Dawn for quite a few days, and towards the end I added black crackle polish which looked really neat with the glitter underneath. It was all shot down though when I went to work and it all chipped off, I guess working in a grocery store isnt the best place for a manicure that you actually like.

Anyway on to todays mani. As you can tell by the title I mention Five Below, which is a store that carries products from $3-$5. And what do you know they carry nail polish. Which I had no intentions of buying or even knew they sold it until my friend was like "Hey Nicole! Nail polish!" and for 3 for $5 I couldnt resist.

 So I picked up three polishes from their Funky Fingers brand plus one of their crackles. They had the standard black and white. They also had a hot shimmery magenta and a royal blue color I had never seen. Since crackles are kinda of becoming old news and everyone has some sort of one coming out I only picked out the black, since my China Glaze Black Mesh dried out. I also picked up Cheshire a lovely medium lavender color, Wild Child, an awesome greenish-teal color and a glitter called Sand and Stilettos. Sand and Stilettos is a two coat full coverage glitter that shines every color imaginable.

You will get to see both Cheshire and Sand and Stilettos in my mani today, so here are the pics!

So these were taken with my iPhone which can actually take decent pictures, but in this case it made Cheshire look blueish when it is not at all. Of course I also used my Nutra-nail base coat and China Glaze top coat.

 So until I decide what to wear on my nails for vaction...Thats all for today polish people!

**Any nail polish I write about in my post(s) I have purchased with my own money and am no way being sponsered by any of the above mentioned brands***