Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to reality

Hey nail polish fiends!

So its the last day of my vacation in wonderful Florida. Im sad to be going home tomorrow, but I am glad to be going back to New York where my friends and own bed are.

My extended family here in florida have been nothing but amazing to me and my mom and I am totally grateful for that. I got to visit the beautiful Tarpon Springs and see where they harvest the natural sea sponge. I am very grateful for them flying us down here and taking us all around and back again. As much as I miss my NY loves I will miss this family the most since I dont get to see them that often. Hopefully it won't be another two years before we get to see them again.

As for nail polish new, I unfourtnately do not have any to  report. No unique polish to be found, although I came close to buying these UV nail polishes that change colors in the sun. If they had, more of an array of colors I would of bought them but they either went from a light yellow to purple or blue to green or clear sparkles to a red, and that was not very unique for me as much as the concept was.

When I get back home I have a few bills to pay and a few shopping trips to set up with friends when I get back.

Maybe I will finally put in a purchase online to some nail place and get the polishes I want.

thats all for now