Saturday, July 19, 2014

60 days until vacation, 60 days until a happier healthier me.

Hello lovelies!

So this post is going to be something different and I hope you all will support me on this as well. If you haven't been able to see by the title of this post I am challenging myself and starting a journey I hope will last longer than 60 days.

Back on July 16th it was officially 60 days until I am to go on vacation to Florida to visit with family. I have decided that as much as I am comfortable in my skin, I could feel even more comfortable and be a little bit more happier than I already am. For the last week or so I have been a lot happier than i ever have been and I honestly don't know where it came from.

All of my life I have been a little bit bigger than all the other kids and in high school I was at my heaviest. Up until I met my best friend ever Stephanie, I was uncomfortable in my skin, I hated the way I looked but I never had the motivation to change it because I never had the support I needed. Stephanie was the first person to truly accept me as I am and befriend me and she didn't care what I looked like. Ever since then I have made many friends who don't care what I look like and accept me for me and its great. Its like all it took was one person.

But still I sometimes feel uncomfortable in my skin and want to change, and I have tried everything from counting calories, asking my mom for help, which then just turns into a fight and she gives up on me. My dad is sadly no help he's just critical. He has said to me on more than one occasion that if I lost a few pounds I could get a boyfriend or attract someone. He made me feel unpretty and like I should be ashamed of myself. I know that that is not the case at all, I am a beautiful women who doesn't need a man to make her feel that way.

So I am left with myself and my friends whom I know will be there for me. Over the next 60 days I plan to hold myself accountable for my actions. I plan on still eating what I want but just less of it. My doctor has told me on more than one occasion, if you eat three slices of pizza, just eat two, its the little things that will help you change over all. That is some good advice if you ask me. I just never followed it.

So as your reading this obnoxiously long blog post your probably saying, "Okay Nicole you've explained, made excuses, what are you going to do about it and what goals have you set?".

Well I plan on exercising more, I can't afford a gym membership so I have a Extreme weight loss DVD to help me. That TV show is actually also a reason I am doing this. Recently on Tuesdays my mom and I have been watching the show and I see myself in the people trying to transform themselves. If I could do it on that show, I would in a heart beat. So Chris Powell if you ever see this blog post, (all though I know you won't) I would do Extreme weight loss in heart beat if it meant I would better myself and become a happier healthier me.

My goal from this is obviously to loose some weight. I'm not going to put my weight here I'm not that confident yet. But i will let you all know how much I loose if any. I also want this journey to be about me being happier, taking care of me, doing what I need to do to make myself better.

So if you support me on this I thank you, if you came here expecting a beauty post, come back on Monday.

Ill talk to you all soon <3 Nicole

Saturday, July 12, 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy. Inspired by Vampy Varnish!

Hello lovelies! Sorry its been sooooooo long between post but you know life gets in the way and stuff happens. We've all been there so I won't bore you with crappy details!

This week I saw a post on the lovely Kelly's blog Vampy Varnish where she talked about 10 things that make her happy. At the end of the post she asked what made her readers happy, so I decided to follow in her foot steps and make a post myself!

I know everyone at some point in their life has been down and depressed and I know I have certainly been there and some days I still am but to help me get through it I try to go and do some of the things on my list to make me feel better.

Number 10 

Driving around with really loud music playing! When I'm feeling angry or down and I know I have to go out, putting on my favorite mix,turning it up and singing at the top of my lungs definitely helps me get rid of any blues I might have started the ride out with!

Number 9

Watching YouTube videos.

I know this may sound odd, but after a long day where maybe things didn't go well or as planned, sitting down at the computer and watching my favorite Youtubers, Like Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, or Zoe from Zoella or even a random cat video I know that I am guaranteed to laugh and start to feel better.

Number 8. 

Sleep. You can never get enough sleep. Seriously its one of my favorite things!

Number 7. 

Playing video games. Betcha didn't know that did you? I have been an avid gamer since I could walk. I grew up with the first Nintendo Entertainment System and now play my Xbox 360, not as much as I'd like to these days but I'll tell you something, there is just something satisfying about getting a headshot on a zombie in Resident Evil.

Number 6.

Good food. It makes me happy when I can provide my family with a nice home cooked meal. I've been testing recipes lately because my hours at my job have changed so I'm home more in the evening now. Its great because for years I work mostly nights, I'm still getting used to the schedule change.

Number 5.

Snuggling with my cat Scooter. You may have seen her cute mug on Instagram mostly. She's the only baby I have left since I lost Binx last January. She doesn't always like to snuggle but that doesn't mean I cant try to sneak in a few snuggles here and there.

One of my favorite photos of Scooter. 

My absolute favorite photo of Binx. RIP baby girl. 

Number 4. 

My work family. Even though the job might piss me off beyond belief I think I have stayed at this job for almost 10 years now because of the people I work with (okay the money is a factor too.) My co-workers are the craziest most amazing people you will ever meet. Most of us keep an eye out for each other and even hangout with each other outside of work. How do you think I met my best friend of the last decade?

Number 3. 

Supernatural. Okay if you follow me on Twitter you know that from my bio and ever so often retweets that I love this show. I discovered it last summer and it changed my life for the better. I found myself relating to a story of amazing characters and a storyline that keeps me coming back almost everyday. I could write a whole blog post on how this show changed my life but just know this, it was a huge factor in helping me deal with my depression. It was one of things that took me away for 40 mins and made me forget the bad for a while.

Number 2.

Okay this is also goes with number three but its not about the show its about the actors on it. I'm talking about Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins. These three men I have so much admiration for, and its not just because they are gorgeously handsome, (okay that's part of it.) but in all seriousness, watching these three men in interviews and at in their convention videos on YouTube have shown me they are not the typical over hyped celebrity. They honestly truly care about the impact they have on their fans and what kind of impact the content they create has. I could also go on a whole blog post about how amazing these men are but I will point out one specific moment for me. Jared specifically has help me in my dark times. In a convention video a few months ago he was asked by a fan on how he deals with going through dark times. (Supernatural in general has helped pull a lot of people out of dark times.) Jared went on to say that he has one saying that he says to help him realize when something bad is going it's not the end of the world and that is the phrase "This too shall pass." I know its such a general saying and I'm sure I've heard others say it, but when I heard Jared say it, it struck a cord with me and now when ever I hit a bump in the road I always repeat that phrase over and over.

I mean come on look at how adorable they are! 


My family, friends and this blog.

Without my mom or my dad I wouldn't be here and even though we get on each others nerves more often than not they have always supported my silly ideas and this blog. Every time I reach a milestone with it they get just as excited as I do.

My friends. Where do I even begin. My best friend Stephanie has been my BFF for the last 9 years. Thats the longest I have ever been close friends with someone. Its like we were seperated at birth even though she is older. She is the one person out of everyone that I can count on to be there for me, and I will always be there for her. She has let me into her life and her into mine. Are families are even similar its creepy! In September of 2012 she gave birth to my beautiful niece Gianna and has allowed me to be an Aunt to her and I love that child as if she was my own. I love being able to watch her grow up every day . I have lots of other close friends, there are too many to name them but they know who they are. They are just as crazy as me and have introduced me to so many new experiences in life I wouldn't of had it any other way.

Me and Stephanie

Me and my peanut.

And finally this blog. I have been blogging for three years now and have made so many awesome friends along the way.  I can't even begin to imagine what I would be doing if I didn't have this blog. I owe a lot to you my lovely readers who stop by when I finally post something new or follow me on to new adventures like my YouTube channel. So thank you to you guys out there so much!

What are 10 things that make YOU happy??? Comment below!!!

I'll talk to you all in the next blog post! <3